Understanding Hospice

In simple terms, hospice is home-based care for the terminally ill. At the Hospice of Limestone County, we provide pain control, medical assistance and emotional support for our patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our focus is the patient, and our goal is to restore as much dignity, comfort and peace as possible to the time he or she has left.

At hospice, we accept that there are some things we simply cannot do-like remove pain or grief,or prevent the terminally ill from dying. Instead, we focus our energy on what we can do- reduce physical pain, control symptoms, provide spiritual counseling and lend emotional support.


Bereavement Services



  • Widowed person’s support group
  • Adult grief groups
  • Parents and families group for loss of a child
  • Individual counseling at the Loft or at home

    *Other programs developed as community needs are identified.



  • Camp Hope, a one day camp for children who have experienced loss of a loved one
  • “Good Grief Club”, for grades K-12, in coordination with school counselor
  • Groups at the Loft for all ages, as needed
  • Individual sessions for teens and children at the Loft, school, or home, as appropriate

  • Provide crisis response and supportive services to individuals affected by death, violence, accident, and disaster

    Available to local businesses/agencies as a training tool for managers or support system for employees.


    These special events serve to provide opportunities for remembering lost loved ones. Typically these are scheduled around the holidays.


    Workshops and presentations dealing with death, dying and grief issues are provided periodically or upon request.


    The Loft maintains a library of books, videos, and pamphlets geared toward all ages and addressing all types of losses. Bereavement volunteers are also trained to support families and individuals grieving a loss.



    The Loft is a non-profit community resource whose goal is to provide comfort, support and encouragement to those on their journey through the unknown territory of grief. Just as people differ in the way they approach other life events they will differ in the way they handle death.

    For the survivor the way is never straight, never constant, never perfect and certainly never easy. As death closes doors behind us, new doors open before us. Light always follows darkness.

    The Loft offers a warm and secure atmosphere for sharing memories and grief and discovering ways of coping. This is open to any member of the community experiencing the loss of a loved one.

    *Services of the Loft are provided by professionals certified in crisis intervention and grief counseling.

    *To request additional information about services offered through the Loft Program, call Hospice of Limestone County at 256-232-5017.