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Hospice Care

We ensure your loved one will receive the care they need in the place that they call home.


How do hospice care services work?

Here at Hospice of Limestone County, we provide hospice care services for your loved one as well as counseling and spiritual support for you and your family. Our goal is to help terminally ill patients and their families live as fully and comfortably as possible. 

It’s a common misconception that hospice is a place instead of a philosophy. While there are in-patient hospice facilities, typically hospice care services take place in patients’ homes. “Home” can be a family home, nursing home or an assisted living community. The true meaning of the word hospice is to restore as much dignity, comfort and peace as possible to patients and their family members.

Our team of professional and trained volunteers work together to create a pain-free environment for your loved one – a place where they can live their best life possible surrounded by the people who love them most.

hospice team

The hospice team

We work closely with the patient’s primary physician to coordinate a hospice team to care for patients. Led by specially trained hospice physicians, the team typically includes a medical doctor, nurses, a chaplain, social worker, counselor, nutritionist, pharmacist, home health/bath aides, respite caregivers and volunteers. In particular, many families we work with are very thankful for our bath aides. They provide caregiver relief in a job duty that is uncomfortable for many family members.

Please note that while we don’t offer around-the-clock care, we are certainly there for you 24/7 if there’s an emergency.


Who is eligible for hospice?

Our hospice services are available for free to patients who meet the following requirements:

 The patient is a resident of Limestone County, Alabama.

 The patient has a lifetime measure of weeks or months (not years).

 The patient has the participation of his or her physician.

Refer someone to our hospice care services

You can refer someone to us whether you’re a family member, friend, physician, nurse, care worker or anyone who is close to the patient. Please fill out the form below. We’ll review your referral and make a formal assessment to determine if hospice is the best course of action.