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Is hospice care the right choice for your loved one? We will help you determine the answer.

Who is eligible for our hospice care?

Most terminally ill patients in Limestone County are eligible for our hospice care services. Patients and families are accepted based on the following hospice eligibility criteria:

The patient is a resident of Limestone County, Alabama.

The patient has a lifetime measure of weeks or months (not years).

The patient has the participation of his or her physician.

How can you refer someone to us?

Anyone can refer a patient or family member to Hospice of Limestone County. Whether you’re a friend, family member, physician, nurse, care worker or anyone close enough to care – we will review your referral. We will then make a formal assessment to determine if hospice is the best course of action for the patient’s life.

For more information about hospice eligibility or to refer a patient, please call 256-232-5017 or fill out the form below.