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Social Services

Our Social Workers advocate for patients and their loved ones to ensure the best quality of life possible.


How can social services help patients and families?

Hospice of Limestone County Social Workers specialize in end-of-life care issues and determine how hospice can best meet the needs of individual patients and their families. Not only do they educate, counsel, and provide grief support, but they can also make community resource references, promote family advocacy, and facilitate family planning meetings. Read more about our social services below.

Social workers play a key role on the hospice care team. They can...

  • Explain what hospice is and help patients and families navigate through the process.
  • Help patients and families process their emotions after receiving a terminal diagnosis.
  • Support caregivers who are suffering from anxiety, stress and/or depression.
  • Mediate if conflict arises between a patient’s loved ones.
  • Assist with advanced directives such as a Do Not Resuscitate Order (DNR) or Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care (DPOA-HC).  


Your social worker will be there for you when...

  • You need an ear to listen or when things seem overwhelming.
  • You are worried about your loved ones, their coping ability, and stress.
  • You wish to discuss Advance Directives, including a Living Will and Medical Proxy.
  • You have something you want very much to do.
  • You would like spiritual counseling or support.
  • You need a family member home from the military or prison confinement.
  • You are having problems with your insurance, utility bills, or other bills.
  • You feel you may be eligible for financial resources such as Medicaid, SSI, and Food Stamps.
  • You need assistance applying for Social Security, V.A., or other income/benefits.
  • You need a family conference to discuss issues or resolve patient/family needs .
  • You need to talk about the multiple losses and grief brought to your life by serious illness.
  • You need resources to help grieving children or teens understand and mourn.
  • You need assistance in completing a family medical leave request or employee notice.


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